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Charlene Schultz Baker Memories of Anaheim Halloweens

Submitted by Charlene Schultz Baker

Halloween in Anaheim in the 1940s & ’50s was an exciting and magical time. I remember the calliope music ( a steam- whistle organ) awaking us on Halloween morning as it was pulled on a trailer through town, calling everyone to come to the Pancake Breakfast in City Park (put on by the Lions Club I believe).

Warren & Elizabeth Schutz family going to the Halloween Breakfast, about 1950

Mid-morning we kids, all dressed in our costumes, lined up with our schools and marched up Center Street in the Kiddie Parade. There was no school on Halloween!


Alberta St Kids, Horace Mann School 1950 (l to r): Jeri Raber, Yvonne Osborn, Janice Raber,  ? Raber, Loren Schutz, Charlene Schutz

Evening brought the wonderful Halloween Parade, down Center Street, Palm (Anaheim Blvd), ending as it marched by the grandstands in La Palma Park. There were floats, marching bands, horse groups, etc. with crowds lining the streets from communities all across Southern California.


Loren & Charlene Schutz as Alice in Wonderland and the Caterpillar, around 1953

What wonderful memories of happy family celebrations in a simpler time.


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