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A Sprinkle of Stardust
A Sprinkle of Stardust

Community Costuming Through the Years

Over the years, Anaheimers have been inspired to pull out their finest (and in some cases weirdest) costumes in celebration of Halloween.  Here for your enjoyment, a compilation of some of our community’s costumed revelry.

Image courtesy of Jane Newell, Anaheim Public Library

As originally posted on the Parade’s Facebook page by Kevin Kidney, our first image is not only a great color shot of our downtown, there is a really nice story to go with it.  We were thrilled to find this color slide that went with a 1959 Anaheim Bulletin article.

“With the same bike they rode 36 years ago in Anaheim’s very first Halloween festivities costume contest, Bill and Octavia Payne won first prize this morning as hundreds of spectators crowded the awards platform on Center Street after the costume breakfast. When the judging was done, Bill calmly rode home on the ancient two-wheeler, just like any youngster.” – Anaheim Bulletin, Oct. 31, 1959

Comments from original Facebook post:

Kevin Kidney  Love these two! Chianti bottle and roll of TP on the bike.

JoAn Burdick Gottlieb  Paynes were well liked I think they are parents of Teddy Lou Payne who was a very pretty and popular girl who graduated in 1948 from Anaheim High School. I think Mr. Payne was connected with Walt Taylor Lumber Company.


These poor ladies were unable to finish their Halloween costumes.  Anaheim FF 1951

JoAn Burdick Gottlieb  I recognized the girl on the R looking at the screen, its Pat Sullivan, Anaheim High Graduate about year 1948. She was an amazing actress and came from a large Irish Family of about 6 children, we all loved Pat and her infectious laugh.



Anaheim Halloween, 1952. Photo courtesy USC Libraries




Robot death grip or “Hi Neighbor” greeting?  1953 Anaheim Halloween Parade “Out of this World” oddities.






Okay, we are not exactly sure what we are looking at or what is going on here? Explanations welcomed.


Three little pigs and one big bad wolf (about to devour one of the pigs’ red bandanas) are awarded the trophy for best costumes in 1964. So, what’s that thing beside them that looks like a walking stack of hula skirts? Why, it’s the little pigs’ house made of straw, of course, complete with red chimney on the roof.

Vicki Johnson  That was back before everyone bought their costumes, we made ours every year.




Image courtesy Anaheim Public Library Heritage Room



A fleet of “Good Ship Lollipops” sailing down Center Street in Anaheim, California. Early 1950s.







Pie Pan Patty… the undisputed Halloween superstar of 1959.









The Peanuts gang (including the Red Baron!!) at the Anaheim Halloween Parade costume contest. We especially love the way Lucy looks….the legs, the gloves, the dress, everything. Somehow they insisted on the fire hydrant instead of Woodstock.






Just as the article states, “…everyone in Anaheim takes part”.




Eric Schlegel in “Head Salesman” Trader Sam splendor in the 2014 parade. A great detail—probably overlooked on the route—is the “shrunken head” illuminated lanterns that he clutches.




Here we have 2016’s adorable Catrina at the Fall Festival.








It’s not really Halloween without man’s best friend getting into costume.  2016 Anaheim Fall Festival.



Photo courtesy @randomly_riley



2019 Fall Festival cuties with recreation of 1948’s Anaheim Halloween Parade Trolley.

We’d love if you’d like to share your costumes from the parade or festival over the years.  Please comment below and if you’d like to send pictures, please email history@anaheimfallfestival.org.

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