Monster Bowling

Supplies Needed

Covered work-surface
Clean empty cans – (5 – 10oz cans suggested to play the game)
Paint colors (White, black, orange, green, red & yellow recommend)
Assorted paint brushes
Plate to mix your paints
Pencil, napkins, cup of water to rinse brushes.

Step 1

Paint all of the cans white as a base color. Let them dry for about five minutes.
Paint each can it’s final desired color and let them dry completely before proceeding.

Step 2

Use a pencil to draw the outline of each design. It might scrape off the paint a little on dark colors so you can see your design.

Step 3

Paint the sketched details with different colors to fill in your outlines. Remember to let the paint dry before adding a color on top of another color!

Step 4

Stack the cans to play a game. Using a tennis ball, try bowling to knock down the cans. Play against your family and friends to see who is a better bowler!

Cans can be used as pencil holders, planters, or spooky decorations around your house.

Make one design or try all 5!


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