Haunted House Bag

Supplies Needed

Supplies Needed:
1 Brown Lunch Bag
Construction Paper (Black, White, Orange)
Glue Stick
Kid Scissors
Black Sharpie or Marker

Step 1

Guidelines may be drawn with a pencil first or cut them out freestyle.

Cut out the following shapes pictured below:
BLACK – 1 rectangle for the roof (the same width as your paper bag)
1 doorstep,, 2 window awnings, & 1 awning to fit over the front door.
ORANGE – 4 rectangles and 1 circle for windows, plus 1 rectangle for front door.
WHITE – 3 ghosts of your choice

Step 2

Use your glue stick and glue the pieces as pictured.
Start with the windows and door.
Glue awnings, doorstep & ghosts. (overlapping as shown)
Add the roof last – leave space at top of bag to fold shut when ready.

Step 3

Use sharpie or marker
Outline windows.
Add window & door details.
Draw faces on ghosts.
Add other spooky details. (we added a cat)

Step 4

Open and add a girt or crumpled paper to prop up.
Fold the flap back and seal together with glue.
Optional: whole punch twice and string black ribbon through to tie a bow.
A bow adds a nice touch if using as a gift bag!.

Make several to pack lunch or Halloween treats for family & friends!

THANKS Anaheim Girl Scouts Junior Troop 7162 FOR YOUR PARTNERSHIP


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