Itsy-Bitsy Oreo Spiders


Double Stuff Oreo Cookies (or any sandwich cookie will do)
Pretzel sticks (4 for each spider)
M&M’s (2 for each spider)

*Note: we used double stuff oreos…they have more frosting & space to work with, which prevents the cookie from breaking during assembly

Step 1

Gather 2 cookies, 4 pieces of candy, 8 pretzel sticks
You are now ready to make 2 spiders

Step 2

Break 4 pretzel sticks in half to make 8 legs
Slightly twist & lift the top off of the cookie
(try to keep the frosting on one side)
Set 8 Pretzel legs on the frosted side – 4 on each side
Put the non frosted side back on top of the pretzels

Step 3

Carefully press the cookie together until pretzels are in the frosting & the top has enough frosting to hold together
(don’t press too hard or the cookie might break)
Open additional cookies to use the frosting as ‘glue’
Use additional pretzels to add frosting to candy pieces
Set the eyes

Step 4

Make one when you want a sweet & salty treat
Make a platter full to share
These will crawl away fast!


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