Light Up Ghosts

Supplies Needed:

1 gallon empty plastic milk jug (wash & let dry before starting) per ghost.
Black sharpie permanent marker, pencil, and scissors.
1 Battery operated tea light candle for each ghost.

Step 1

Use a pencil to sketch a spooky face on the front of your milk jug.
When you are happy with your design, outline it with the sharpie permanent marker.

Step 2

Color in the face with the sharpie permanent marker.

Step 3

Outline a circular shape for easy access to insert your battery operated tea light candle.
Using your scissors, carefully cut out the circular shape and discard it.

Step 4

Turn on the battery operated tea light candle and light up your spooky ghost.
Make several with a variety of creative faces.
Line them up and illuminate a pathway for tick or treaters.
Place them in your windows to share with your neighborhood.

These are fun to make & they are safe decorations for inside your house and outdoors!


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