Pinwheel Pals

Supplies Needed

Construction paper (black, orange, green, pink, white)
Kids Scissors
Glue Stick

Step 1

Start at the longer end of your paper. Fold end in about a 1/2 inch and press across the entire paper to make a sharp crease. Flip the paper over and make a matching fold. Flip the paper back over and make another fold. Continue folding the paper back-and-forth until the entire sheet is folded as shown in the picture.

Step 2

Fold your stack of paper in half and carefully fan open.
Rub glue stick along the edge of 1 end piece.
Glue together by overlapping the 2 ends and pressing together.
Repeat from step 1 to make a second half circle fan shape.

Step 3

Rub glue stick along the entire bottom of one fan shape.
Place the 2 shapes back to back and press together to form a circle.
This is the base for any design you decide to make.

Step 4

Make a cat:
Cut 2 black triangle ears and glue behind the circular base.
Cut 6 thin strips of white paper for whiskers and glue in place.
Cut 1 pink triangle and glue it upside down in the center of the whiskers for a nose.
Cut 4 green triangles and round off the edges. Glue across from each to make cat eyes.

Step 5

Make a pumpkin:
Start with orange paper and fold to make an orange base. (follow steps 1-3)
Cut 1 green stem and glue behind the circle base.
Cut 3 black triangles. Glue 2 for eyes and 1 upside down for the nose.
Cut 1 black silly mouth and glue in place to complete your pumpkin.


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