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A Sprinkle of Stardust
A Sprinkle of Stardust

Full of Hot Air 1949

1949’s Halloween Parade was the 26th pageant…and, for the first time, featured inflatible entries.  We aren’t sure if these were displayed as a tip ‘o the hat to the Thanksgiving Day tradition of Macy’s Christmas Parade or someone randomly had access to these balloons, but we do know we like ’em.  We don’t totally understand the story behind each of the ballons but that does lead to some interesting theories.

Photo comment shared from Kevin Kidney’s original post: “Might be a Pirate…or could be a cheery Elf. More 1949 Anaheim Halloween Parade brilliance.  In honor of the year the theme was “49ners” hence the pioneer woman and the future trendsetting coonskin cap (which wouldn’t become a national craze until 1955).

Also from Kevin Kidney: “The 1949 Halloween Parade literally expanded to include a menagerie of large inflatable floats.  This one depicts a whale sporting a dapper mustache, spats and monocle (at least we think it is a whale).”

Group photo with more balloons, we wish we had individual images of that pirate and cowboy for sure.

Do you recollect seeing these balloons?  Do you have stories to share?  Please send us your memories (along with any pictures if you have them) at history@anaheimfallfestival.org.

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