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Gail Anderson Wonderful Halloween Memories

Submitted by Gail Anderson

So many wonderful memories have come into our lives because of the Anaheim Halloween parade, and all the neighborhood activities leading up to the big day.


This photo is from a fundraiser at Brad Daniels’ house, where the hotdogs and hamburgers were only $100 a pop but the beer and wine flowed freely! Two live bands entertained us, children and their families danced together, old friendships were re-bonded and new ones born. It’s a wonderful time every year of camaraderie and neighborhood spirit, to keep alive the almost century old tradition that is The Anaheim Halloween Parade!





This picture which was taken at the same function at Brad’s house and illustrates the shared camaraderie.




I also had so much fun working at a booth on the Promenade and being greeted by Kevin Kidney AKA Mr. Pumpkin! Festivities included live music, West Coast Swing Dancing, face painting and activities for the kids, beer booths, and so many people strolling and enjoying the day in their Halloween costumes!



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