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WE have lots of treats in the works for our centEnnial . . . & maybe just as many ways for you to be a part of these HOMETOWN traditions. Our 2023 Sponsorships OPPORTUNITIES ARE NOW AVAILABLE, volunteers days at the parade warehouse are getting started & assistance putting on these events is always welcomed. Look for a new halloween exhibit at the Muzeo this fall, A return of a favorite beer fest to downtown as well as an exciting documentary project . . . . SEVERAL New PARADE floats, New merchandise & all your favorites from the festival & Parade, past & present, will return Saturday, October 28th.

Contact us at info@anaheimfallfestival.org to hear more

Sponsorship Opportunities Aplenty …

HELP fund All the fun and Keep these traditions growing

Your partnership with the anaheim Fall festival & Halloween parade provides an experience the whole community can enjoy, free of charge, while also providing your company a unique promotional opportunity to an audience of thousands!

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Volunteers Wanted! Volunteers Needed!

it takes hundreds of folks to bring you these events . . . from fundraisers to float builders, decorators to day of ‘do-ers’. Contact us at: info@anaheimfallfestival.org to join our list of proud volunteers.

be a part of Anaheim Halloween magic

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