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Steve Faessel Halloween Breakfast Memories

Submitted by Steve Faessel

The Annual Halloween Breakfast held at City Park (today’s Pearson Park) was a “must attend” Anaheim event.

Back in the 1940’s when agriculture was still the dominant Anaheim industry, Halloween mornings were usually cold, damp and very foggy. Even living across the street from the Park in the 1950’s, I recall it being lost in the damp mists of Fall.

At 6AM sharp, the Eltiste Calliope (Eltiste was a large local farm implement dealer) hooted and squeaked everyone to get up, dress in costume and head to the Park.

Photo courtesy of Orange County Archives

While the Chamber of Commerce and all the Anaheim Service Clubs “officially” ran the Breakfast, it was no secret that this was Park Superintendent, Rudy Boysen’s event and everyone was going to enjoy themselves. Rudy would amble down the line of waiting residents (likely using his two canes for support) making sure everyone was comfortable. Hot coffee was brewed in 50 Gallon containers in the Park kitchen and everyone stood in line for their bacon and eggs.

A wooden stage was erected (courtesy of Ganahl Lumber) and the MC (usually one of our business leaders) led off a breakfast show of local talent, music and slapstick.

The photo below shows a 1951 Halloween Breakfast held about where the park’s swimming pool is located today, west of the tennis courts. Note all the costumes!

Since our house was right across from Today’s Pearson Park (old City Park), it was expected that mom and dad would dress up in costume for the Annual Halloween Breakfast held there.


Pictured from left to right, Alma Nickey (my aunt that lived across from La Palma Park), Patricia Loly (the daughter of Victor Loly our neighbor and owner of Orange County’s premier jewelry store) and my mom, Eleanor (Ellie) all wearing Anaheim High School Football uniforms!



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