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Parade Registration

If you would like to participate in the Anaheim Halloween Parade, be sure to submit your application soon as spots fill up quickly! Applications must be received by October 1st to be eligible for participation.

Choose One:

Apply Online

Simply complete the online application with all necessary information, and click the “Submit Application” button to transmit it to the Parade Committee electronically.

Download and E-mail Your Form

We also offer a downloadable online form in PDF format that you can complete and e-mail to info@anaheimfallfestival.org

Print and Mail Your Form

Organizations that prefer to use the Postal Service can download the parade application and mail it to:

Anaheim Halloween Parade
C/O Parade Applications
PO Box 9112
Anaheim, CA 92812

Applying does not guarantee or assume participation in the Parade. Anaheim Halloween Parade Staff will contact all organizations confirmed to participate in the parade. All participants in the Anaheim Halloween Parade do so on a volunteer basis and are not compensated for their efforts.

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