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Halloween Parade!

The Anaheim Halloween Parade returns Saturday, October 26th at 7pm. The parade will start this year at City Hall and proceed west via Center Street and Broadway.

Want to be in the parade? Anyone can apply!

Frequently Asked Questions

Parade Viewing:

Where can I see the parade? The parade steps off at the intersection of Anaheim Blvd and Broadway. It will head north on Anaheim Blvd and make a left turn onto and travel west for the length of Center Street Promenade, then exit onto Harbor Blvd, turning left. At Broadway, the parade will turn right and continue on Broadway to Walnut where public viewing will end.
Free public viewing is available on City sidewalks along this route, homeowners will sometimes secure the spots in front of their own properties. Lighting in best along Center Street Promenade, which is also open to the public.

How long is the parade? The length of each parade differs based on participation, but generally you can expect it to last longer than an hour but no longer than two hours.

Are there announcers? We’re pleased to say we have three volunteer announcing teams along the route. Our first, near the beginning of the parade at the Muzeo, will be Spanish language. The second, on the main stage on Center Street Promenade, will be English language. Our third will be nearer the end of the parade directly on Broadway between Ohio and Illinois Streets.
Our announcers read facts and figures provided by the parade participants themselves so it’s nice if you’re able to hear them, but even if you can’t watch from near an announcing station, the parade is great community fun for spectators.

Where can I park? Public parking is available in marked structures near downtown and parking on non permit public streets may also be available along the route. Spaces fill up quickly and be sure to keep an eye out for signs noting which roads will be closed for the parade itself.
What else should I know about viewing the parade? The parade route is about 1.5 miles long, so while it does get crowded, you should be able to find a spot for great viewing. Please keep in mind, much of the route is along a residential street, so please stay off planters & lawns, please do not litter, please respect the neighborhood.

Parade Participation:

Who can march in the parade?
Our parade is family-friendly and celebrates Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos and the Harvest Season. All proposed entries should creatively reflect these themes. Applications may be submitted via automated form (available on our web site), or via email of our downloadable form (also found on our web site) to info@anaheimfallfestival.org. To be considered for inclusion in the parade, applications are due no later than October 1st. Approved participants will be informed as soon as possible after receipt of application, and all decisions are final.
What should I consider before applying?
We are a non-partisan, non-denominational community-based event that continues Anaheim’s long standing tradition of celebrating Halloween. We wish to include creative themed content only, so we focus on participants who reflect these standards. The route is over a mile long. Participants of all ages are encouraged and should be able to keep up a lively pace up from beginning to end. Themed wagons and bikes are encouraged for those who may do better on wheels than marching the entire length of the route. It’s really a lot of fun.

Is there a fee to apply?
While we certainly appreciate any donation to help support this community-based event, there is no fee to those participants whose applications have been approved.

Are there rules?
For the safety of participants and spectators alike, there are rules each approved participant must agree to and comply with, no exceptions. A complete list of rules will be forwarded to approved participants in advance of the parade.
Can we distribute candy/flyers/handouts?
For the safety of participants and spectators alike, absolutely nothing can be distributed from the parade route. No candy, no toys, no flyers. There are no exceptions.

If I’m approved to participate, where will I be in the parade?
Parade positions will be assigned the week prior to the parade and emailed out to the main contact for each group. This contact should relay the proper information to each member of their own group. Requests for special consideration (“we want to be near the back”, “we want to be near another group”, etc.) will be noted but cannot be guaranteed. All positions will be assigned at the sole discretion of the volunteer parade committee and all decisions are final.

What time do I need to have my group checked in?
Check in times will be assigned the week prior to the parade and emailed out to the main contact for each group. This contact should relay the proper information to each member of their own group. Generally, check in is two hours prior to your group’s expected step off time. This does mean a long wait, but it is important to have all groups in the proper place well before they take to the route. You should bring water for your group and be aware there are very limited restrooms available at parade staging.

Where should I park if I’m participating in the parade? All public parking rules apply, we do not have reserved parking for participants. We may be able to make a drop off and pick up location available, but no parking is allowed within these spaces. The parade route gets very crowded, so depending on the nature of your entry, you may wish to have someone drop you off near check in and then head to the end of the route to pick you up after you’ve completed the parade route.

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