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Barbara Jo Fischer Vary Memories of Halloween in Anaheim

Submitted by Barbara Jo Fischer Vary

Our family lived in the 300 block of North Resh Street, so close to the Halloween Parade staging area.  I well remember waking up to the Calliope music and knowing it was Halloween and the beginning of a wonderful day.

My sister, Claire, and I loved the day of the parade as the horse trailers would park on our street. The horses would be brushed, hooves polished, and tack cleaned.  We sat on the curbing to watch hoping to get permission to pet the horse.

My father, Tom Fisher’s elderly aunts,  Aunt Doc (Stella Kennedy Fisher) and Aunt No No (Gertrude Kennedy) lived on Center Street where Visser’s Florist is today.  Chairs were brought out and blankets taped down for all the family to enjoy our City of Anaheim’s Halloween Parade.

As an elementary school student at Horace Mann, many of us painted scenes on the downtown store windows.  One year my friend, Mary Ann Mitchell, and I won prize money – $15!

Article Courtesy Los Angeles Times 1960

I am so thankful to have lived in Anaheim my whole life.

It was a great little town and is now a great city.

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