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Dinah Torgerson Christie & Nick Parade Memories 1997-1998

Submitted by Dinah Torgerson

My shared memory is family related. It was 1997 or 1998, and both of our kids, Christie in 2nd grade and Nick in 7th grade, were scheduled to be in the parade. Christie was with Girl Scouts and Nick with Boy Scouts. Two things happened a couple of weeks before the parade: Christie fell off the monkey bars and broke her arm, and Nick got tangled up with another kid playing soccer and broke his foot. Both injuries happened at school, thank goodness, or I imagine Social Services would have been knocking on our door. Anyway, as luck would have it, Christie was walking in the parade, and Nick was riding on a truck, so they both were still able to participate!

Editor’s note: Dinah and her husband Larry are parade announcers and also spend a great amount of time volunteering at fundraisers, build days and various festival & parade events.  Dinah also helps her life-long friend Judy Olesen coordinate the festival’s Pooch Pawrade Costume Contest.

Dinah putting us in good order, here with Carmen Alvarez in 2019
Dinah, Gail & Sam volunteering in the parade warehouse
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