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Larry & Dinah Torgerson – Announcing Kid Ramos 2015 Grand Marshal

Submitted by Dinah & Larry Torgerson

Larry and I have been announcing the parade on Broadway for several years. We love doing it, and enjoy establishing camaraderie with those watching along our section of the parade. A few years ago our Grand Marshal was David “Kid” Ramos, an internationally known and respected blues guitar player who grew up here in Anaheim and still lives here.

Larry always does some research on the Grand Marshal to get some interesting facts for the audience. When David was passing by, Larry gave his “color commentary”, and at the end he announced, “And most important and impressive of all, DAVID IS A CANCER SURVIVOR!” When David heard that, he stood up in the convertible and gave the audience a huge wave, and the audience went wild with cheers!

Hooray!! It was a great moment!

Editor’s Note: The Torgersons not only announce the parade each year, they volunteer tons of hours with the community to mount the festivities.  Be sure to look for some pictures of Dinah on her separate memory post, here are just a few of our own “Mr. Wonderful” master builder Larry over the years.

Larry Torgerson Creating Rocket Witch Float 2014
Larry Torgerson making pie crust for Georgia’s Sweet Potato Pie Float 2019
Larry with his creation, Andy Anaheim 2019
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