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Steve Faessel Favorite Parade Watching Memory

Submitted by Steve Faessel

Most of us “Oldtimers” recall the Annual Halloween Parade marching from La Palma Park to Downtown, via Anaheim Blvd (old Los Angeles Street). In the years of 1952-1955, however, the Parade used Lemon Street instead.

During that time, our family’s neighborhood friends, the Florence’s, lived at 521 North Lemon, at the corner of Alberta Street.

They had two sons, Jimmy and Johnny, who hung around with my older brother David. They let me tag along.

The boys’ bedroom was upstairs, facing Lemon Street, and an open window, that allowed us to all scramble out onto the wide sloping porch roof to have a front row seat of the parade.  What a cool spot to watch from! No adults to get in our way; to this day, it’s still my favorite memory of the Halloween Parade.

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